Is there a benefit in buying YouTube watch hours?

As new creators hope to cash in on YouTube, 4,000 hours of watching is the first thing to overcome. They can then apply for the YouTube Affiliate Marketing Program (YPP) and wait for approval.

Hence, if watch time is such an important strategy, what is the role of views, likes, and followers? Why have we created and updated the best service to date to achieve your goal of becoming the best YouTuber? And why is it so important to buy public watch hours?

Some time ago YouTube Google switched from «Views (Master Key) and Watch Watch» to key analysis tools. In particular, YouTube had to change its monetization policy to combat inappropriate channels of pirated content.

What are the conditions for making money on YouTube?

In early 2017, YouTube announced that the minimum requirement was to reach 10,000 total views in order to profit from the YouTube channel. YouTube doesn’t value views anymore. The platform hopes the creators know how to maintain a real and natural audience in terms of watch time and subscriber count.

As a result, on February 20, 2018, YouTube officially tightened its policy on content creators who want to have a consistent creative job on this huge platform.
The relationship between the number of views and the duration of the view.
Since YouTube and creators prefer watch time (and we’re also biased against this strategy because «4000 watch time» is our premium service), that doesn’t mean «view count» isn’t that important. How watch time affects channel development.

How does YouTube count views?

There are really a lot of meaningful «numbers» on YouTube, and every author should keep these numbers in mind. At the same time, 30 seconds is the main time for calculating views from a specific audience.

However, if an account randomly switches between videos, each video is watched for 30 seconds and those videos do not seem to have any links, which means they were not created by the same user or are not recommended.

In the engine recommendations. YouTube will treat viewers as robots and stop counting their views. You need to make sure people are watching videos and not computer programs. YouTube will determine if the claim is valid.