Car Emergency Autopsy Service

Not often, but with some frequency, motorists are faced with such a situation when the car is locked with the keys inside. At the same time, the motorist remains without a spare key or far from his location, without having the necessary experience and inventory to open the car.

To save time and nerves, the best option would be to contact the emergency autopsy service of Wevegotthekey. The service staff will promptly arrive at the place and perform the work. However, do not forget that not everyone is able to open the car without damage. When contacting a company in your city, pay attention to the choice. Not all companies have the necessary equipment and tools. First, at the stage of the call, find out the details: the cost of the autopsy, the method of opening and the time of arrival.

How to prevent the machine from closing

When leaving the car, take the keys with you. It often happens that the driver leaves the car for just a minute, returning, finds that the car is locked with the keys. Do not allow the battery to discharge. A low battery charge negatively affects the operation of locking systems — false triggering or arbitrary arming by an alarm is not excluded.

Unqualified alarm installation. There are frequent cases of closing the car due to incorrect installation of the alarm system, which leads to short circuits and other factors that contribute to the unexpected closure of the car.

Service the locks of the car in a timely manner. With frequent use of the key to open the car door, both the key and the lock wear out. The car door lock has a tendency to break down at the most inopportune moment. Incomplete rotation due to wear of the internal parts is the main problem. Additionally, it is worth noting that the lock requires periodic lubrication, which will also allow you to remove accumulated dirt that inevitably gets into the keyhole.

the lock and door opening service complies with the laws. Therefore, prepare a passport and documents that confirm that the property belongs to you.